Born in France and after a childhood of moving around Europe and the United States, Elliott decided to make the “safe” choice of graduating from the SKEMA Business School in the South of France. The safe choice turned out to be the wrong choice for him since he had been devouring books and writing stories from the time he could read.

Now he travels the world (currently on a four-month trip in Seoul before moving to New Zealand) and writes through various media (novels, short stories, blog) for a living. His first novel, The Taxi, has reinforced his belief that writing is his primary passion and that he will pursue it throughout the world.

Please feel free to contact Elliott or visit his professional website ( if you have any comments, requests or concerns. Between writing and traveling, he enjoys corresponding with readers or fellow literature enthusiasts. Nature, hiking, ocean sports and discovering new countries are some of the things he does to escape the written word for a few hours.


Elliott in the deserts of Nepal – 2016